Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Fourth quarter only

Tuesday's "Clean Me" activity was going through the big stack of magazines on the dining room table and disposing of any dated before October 1. Since some dated back to April, packing them away made a difference.

I hate throwing them out. I don't like the waste, and I can get something from every issue. On the other hand, if I haven't read them yet I'm not going to. So out they go!


  1. I'm down to one magazine in print and one in digital form. I just don't pore over them as I used to. And it saddens me. I've been a life-long magazine fan.

  2. With the advent of the Internet, I think we're all reading less print lately.

    Magazines are usually recyclable, and may be gladly received by elementary schools for art projects. For next time. :)

    Good for you! The pile is smaller, and you can see the difference!

  3. when I get a magazine if I find an article recipe or coupon I want I tear that page out right away and file it in my filing system then when that folder gets large I go back through it one more time and discard anything I don't want maybe this would be helpful for you