Saturday, August 31, 2013

Who's a good girl?

That would be Charlotte! We went to the vet this morning and she got three shots: rabies and upper resp vaccinations and a shot of cortisone for her allergies.

For all her massive diva behavior at home, she is freaking terrified of the world outside this condo. So today -- the carrier, the cab rides, being handled by a stranger and those three shots -- was especially hard for her.

She got a clean bill of health, except that she probably should get her teeth cleaned this winter and she lost 2 lbs. It might be the better quality catfood they're all eating now. Or she might have the beginning of a thyroid problem. (Another reason for her to return come winter time.)


  1. Good job, Charlotte! My kitty used to hate the vet too. The last time I took him there (before he died)they took his temperature rectally, and he got so mad, he ran into a cabinet and wouldn't come out, and tried to bite everyone, and they had to put a muzzle on him! So Charlotte really IS a very good kitty!