Saturday, June 02, 2012

"Only if I can call The Gal."

Music to my ears! My friend Kathleen took a new job (I think her title is "Goddess of All She Surveys") earlier this year and I'm happy to report she believes that this little ol' gal is essential to her being able to get everything she wants accomplished. How flattering is that! Since her company's offices are currently located in some suburb with an area code most foreign to me, it's out of the question. But, when their lease is up sometime over the next 9 months or so, Kathleen is confident that they will be moving closer in to civilization. They are an international company, and being this far away from O'Hare is inconvenient for everyone involved. Depending where their new offices are, I'm interested in talking about the move.

In the meantime, I am doing some freelance assignments for Kathleen's company. It helps me out because I have stupidly let my credit cards get away from me ... again! It helps her out because it helps her make the argument that there are more efficient ways to handle creative than how they have been doing it. I don't work directly with Kathleen, though. I'm dealing exclusively with her new assistant, a mid-level marketing manger named Becky.

I'm happy to report that this arrangement is working well for both of us. The first project we have collaborated on has already netted me $900 (though, as is the way with freelance work, I don't have it in hand yet) and I may make up to $750 more.

And Becky is so happy with the work that she called me yesterday for another quick job. Kathleen told her they needed to get something written, produced and mailed fast.  Kathleen asked her, "Becky, can you get this done?"

Her response: "Only if I can call The Gal."

 Cha-ching! Here comes another (approx.) $500.

Even better, it's good to know my efforts are appreciated. I'm an old woman in a young person's game. The positive reinforcement is very welcome just about now!


  1. getting out of "debt"...those words are sweet. hope you can get those darn cards cleared up. i have always been their slave and i have decided not to fall into their greedy arms again.

  2. That is fantastic!