Thursday, May 21, 2020

Let's remember them

From the Chicago Sun Times
Wacker Drive is a main drag in Chicago. It has multiple parallel levels (two in most places, three in others) and snakes through downtown. Cabbies and Uber drivers love Lower Wacker. Since it has all the atmosphere of an unfinished basement, tourists and the faint-of-heart avoid it, and those in the know can zip through it.

It's also the home to Chicago's homeless population. In winter, it's protected from the snow and and in summer, it stays a little cooler. But in spring! It can be pretty awful down there because -- like most unfinished basements -- it leaks when it rains.

This year we've had record-breaking rain, and so it's flooded. Lower Wacker was evacuated. Where will the homeless go? To shelters? Anyone who ends up in a shelter, will necessarily find little public distancing and will be at high risk for the virus. My heart hurts for them.

In a way, I admit I'm jealous of the whiny live-free-or-die, fight-the-tyranny, blame-Obama's-deep-state crowd. They actually believe that the #1 problem in this country right now is that they have to wear masks in public. It must be nice to be so insulated from real pain that respecting your neighbors feels like "oppression." And to be so conscience-free that they aren't even ashamed of themselves.

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