Sunday, January 25, 2015

"My baby just wrote me a letter"

Last weekend I found myself distracted by my boss' bizarre behavior after the defection of his blonde mafia. A long-married man of about 60, he works overtime to be charming and relevant to the 35 year old Chocolate Covered Spider and 29 year old Blondie McBlonderson. Sometimes I think it's sweet that he's crushing on them, sometimes it hits me as a little skin crawly. Well, now that they have both resigned and are working through their notice, he's gotten downright wacky.

First he told us that the candidates who replace Spidey and Blondie should be "young, well-dressed women." He says he's basing on that what our client contact wants. First that's illegal. Second, it's bullshit. "Young, well-dressed women" is what he wants.

This week, I found out about the email. After Blondie told him she was leaving, he fired off a very emotional email. He told her how angry he was that she was leaving, that he felt as though she'd "knifed him in the back."

What? She's leaving to work with her husband in his internet start up. My boss didn't enter into her equation at all.

Even worse, he visited out clients' downstate offices and actually asked our client contact if she was as "mad" as he was about Blondie's and Spidey's departure.  

What? Yes, by all means, put it in our client's head that she'll be getting a compromised level of service from us.

This whole thing is getting so creepy that I don't want to go in tomorrow. Too much weird.


  1. Your boss is incredibly unprofessional. And creepy.

  2. That is just .... OFF. I wonder if he thinks they are HIS connection to his job and if they go, so does he?

    I got a flurry of "fear" energy from him when I tuned in. And his behavior feels to me like he's scared of ... something. Making it about him is creepy but it's also what happens when fear takes over - it almost creates a tunnel vision and that's all we can see.

    Do you think he's worried about losing his job?

  3. What kind of a relationship do you have with your boss? Close enough to tell him he's lost his mind? Do you know any of his family members?

    Or can you just ask others at work if they've noticed any weirdness coming from his office recently? Maybe he really has lost his marbles. He could be ill, or someone close to him is, and the departure of people he depends on is just the last straw.

    Totally creepy. Needs to be addressed, before he gets a EOE lawsuit filed against him....

  4. The whole thing just sounds unhealthy. Does HR know about this guy?

  5. Kind of...ewwww!