Monday, March 21, 2011

And the beat goes on

I haven't heard from my oldest friend since last week. That's really not like her. I know she had a follow-up doctor's appointment last Wednesday and worried that perhaps it didn't go well and she had been readmitted to the hospital. No, that wasn't it.

Last Saturday, her 21-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter got into a huge argument over something, and her daughter moved out. She went to a Sweet 16 party and then .... nothing. She has her phone turned off and my friend can't find her. She did speak to the mother of the girl turning 16, who reassured her that her daughter was fine on Sunday when she disappeared with a group of other partygoers and had said something about "crashing." The other mom thought my friend knew about this.

My oldest friend is exhausted and weak and loopy on pain meds. She feels that under the circumstances, she can no longer control or adequately raise her daughter and is sending her back here to Chicagoland to live with her father.

I suppose that's the best option. Except, of course, the kid has to come home before she can be shipped off. And she has put her mother and brother on notice that she's never coming home.

No one has as much drama in her life as my oldest friend. Her health is compromised. Her job is tenuous. Her finances are a mess. Her oldest son is a high school drop out with anger and anxiety issues. And her daughter is a handful.

It doesn't matter that much of this is of her own creation. It's still taking its toll on her. There has to be a way to rectify at least part of it, but I'll be damned if I can come up with any solutions.


  1. If the girl wasn't so young, I'd seriously be wondering WTF is her problem, but the mentality is just not there-she probably can't understand the hell she's putting on her mother. Hopefully the move back to Chicago to live with her dad will be what she needs. At least it'll give her mother some kind of relief.

  2. Remember that we all have free will which includes the free will to do stupid things and live with chaos that swirls 24/7.

    I feel for your friend ... I hope things work out for the best and I'll send my Angels 'round to check on the daughter.

  3. Wow... more drama and stress that your friend just doesn't need. I'm sending good thoughts her way.