Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Atta girl

I'm listening to Babs' new album, Love Is the Answer. It's the first new music of hers that I've bought in years,* and I am enjoying it thoroughly. It's very mellow, very elegant and she is in very good voice. I'm tempted to say she sounds even better at 65+ than the decades-younger Whitney, but then, Babs didn't have to survive Bobby Brown. Besides, unlike Whitney Houston, Babs doesn't have to "come back" because she's never been away.

I've had to participate in two meetings today, and it's worn me out. (Rather uncharacteristic; I hope I'm not coming down with something ...) So a cup of tea and Babs singing a Marilyn/Alan Bergman song is just what's needed to soothe me. It's even making me wish I was in love.

Is that a Donna Karan Snuggie she's wearing on the cover?

*Since 2001, to be exact. I confirmed this at The Official Barbra Streisand Site.


  1. She has the *most beautiful* hands I've ever seen. I've always thought that and am secretly happy to see them featured so prominently on the cover.

    When I was in my teens (during the 70s), I loved her music and listened to it well into the 80s. I sort of fell away from it after that but she truly has one of the most beautiful voices of our time. (I thought Luther Vandross had one of them as well.)

    Looking forward to hearing a song or two from her. Thanks for posting that - I had no idea she was releasing anything. :) (I know I don't get out of Cooklandia much but occasionally I wander about to and fro. And boy, are my arms tired! heheh)

  2. I just ordered this from Amazon, along with Harry Connick, Jr's new one.