Sunday, April 05, 2015

Well, it's advertising

This past week was tough at work. Three people from our team were let go. The official reason was the "aggregate." One of our clients (not the account we work on) was supposed to be involved in a merger, but it turned out to be a takeover, leaving our agency without billing.

I don't believe that's why one of the three was let go. Crazy smart, he was rumored to have a drinking problem. I suspect the agency used the layoffs as an excuse to rid themselves of a headache.

I'll never know, though. It's advertising. This happens all the time. I'm grateful that I have retained enough humanity to still be shocked.


  1. Aha, the insidiousness of a drinker.

  2. Your humanity isn't in question. The tough world is getting tougher, and no matter how common layoffs are, they're still a surprise and usually a shame. And you are a feeling person.


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