Sunday, April 05, 2015

Who's a Good Girl?

Connie is a good girl!

We went to the vet yesterday, only our second trip in her 10 months living here. I didn't know how she'd be, either in transit or at the office. But she did fine. She's healthy enough -- her eye has cleared up nicely, her heart and lungs are good. Her gums are a bit bloody, though. The vet suggests that might be residual damage from the bad diet she endured at her previous home with a hoarder in Indiana.

Thinking about the condition she was in when she was arrived at the local shelter here -- emaciated, pregnant, with light sensitive eyes because of FVR -- makes me proud and happy that I'm able to give her the stable life she deserves.


  1. Atta girl, Connie! So glad to hear she's recovering and adjusting to your loving.

  2. Connie's so lucky to have found you!


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