Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #111 -- How Did You Know?


I love that early scene in just about every Law & Order episode -- the one where the detectives go through the victim's home or office to find out about her life. Here are thirteen things Benson and Stabler would learn about me from my offfice.

1) I'm a Beatle fan. The big A Hard Day's Night poster is a good clue. I also have a "fab flashback" on my bulletin board: the boys splashing in the surf during their 1964 visit to Florida. Then there's the bumper sticker: Still Pissed at Yoko.

2) The Cute One is my favorite. On display you'll find a Paul pin, keychain, photo (silhouette of him holding his bass over and his head) and a full-page newspaper ad from 2006, honoring him for his Best Album Grammy nomination. I love the headline, "Perhaps no artist on earth has more reason to look back, yet never does."

3) I'm a loyal Cub fan. You'll be tipped off by my Cubs screen saver, the Wrigley Field snowglobe on my desk, and the Soriano bobblehead on my bookcase.

4) My beloved future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux is my favorite ballplayer. I have two photos of him as a Cub on my bulletin board, as well as my ticket stub for July 26, 2005, when I was there to see him make history by getting his 3000 strikeout.

5) I'm a doting aunt. In addition to framed school pictures of my niece and nephew, I have his original artwork -- a painting of flowers -- on display. (I can't tell which way is up on his painting, but he displays a good eye for color nonetheless.)

6) I must know the date! I have two calendars -- one on my wall (a fundraiser for The Tree House) and a day-at-time movie trivia calendar on my desk. (Today's trivia question: What movie involves bank robbers, Bolivia and Etta Place?)

7) I'm sloppy. Most of my desk is covered with paper. Just like most of my home is covered with paper. Someday I MUST get organized!

8) I work out at lunchtime. Nike gym bag over there in the corner.

9) I'm right handed. The mouse on the right of my laptop gives it away.

10) I obsess. Hence the sticker on my desklamp that says, "I will not obsess. I will not obsess. I will not obsess."

11) My blood pressure is 118/78 and my pulse is 68 beats per minute. My ticket from Lifesource, the one that says I have "acceptable physical findings" for donating blood, is right here next to my computer.

12) I care about the environment. At least I care enough to toss my paper garbage into the blue recycling bin at my feet.

13) I change my mind a lot. One look at my desk and you'll see I prefer pencils to pens, and that my pencils almost all have worn-away erasers. That's why there's a fabulous elephant grey eraser always at the ready.

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  1. That's a great TT.

  2. That would be an interesting meme to do. What's a desk for if not to bury your burrito under a pile of papers? It shows a busy life....

  3. #7 - I'm the same way. In fact, if you come visit you can see for yourself.

  4. #11....that is EXCELLENT b/p!!!

    My Thirteen is posted...a message to all cats/dogs AND their owners. All in fun! Happy day wishes to you....

  5. Pissed at Yoko - I'm not sure why, (I was born after the Beatles); but I got a similar sentiment for Heather. Happy TT.

  6. What a fun list! I just might have to steal your idea. Is it really stealing, though, if I tell you about it? ;) Happy TT to ya. :)

  7. Maddux had a good run with the Cubbies.

  8. This really is a great idea. It would be interesting to see what others can derive about me from the things on my desk. hmmmm
    Happy T13!

  9. My desk is my couch, which also says a lot about me. :) Cool 13!

  10. Cool list, you can really learn a lot about a person, I guess by looking at their office.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy TT!

  11. Go Cubs! I hope they can get it together....xoxox Someday we will go all the way!

  12. Fun to learn more about you. I prefer pencils to pens also ... mechanical ones actually ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Great TT ... I may steal it sometime ... like next week. haha

  14. Great idea for a list. My desk is a MESS! LOL

  15. I love this idea for a tt. I hope you dont mind if I use it one day. :)

  16. Great detective work at your own desk. Thinking about what mine tells about me - Yikes!


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