Wednesday, June 03, 2009

No offense, but you all annoy me

This week is proving to be slow, work wise. This makes me a little antsy. (Recession? Joblessness? Hel-lo!) However my two art directors handle the respite from work differently than I do. As evidenced just now as we responded to a client request for a revision.

One is a very nice and conscientious man, so when we're slow like this, he questions everything. Over and over. He wants to get it right. He wants to take this opportunity to learn the reasons why the client requests these revisions. All very laudable.

Except that it makes a 30-second conversation about the project take 20 minutes.

All the client wants us to do is make one specific legal disclosure on the back of the brochure one point size bigger. It's not a big deal. You have no idea how not a big deal this is. Since I thought just one disclosure being bigger than the others on the same page would look dorky, and since making them all bigger would be easier, I asked him to make all the disclosures bigger.

His response: Why? Why must the 123 disclosure be bigger? Can we get away with making just the 123 disclosure bigger? Why? WHY?

My thought bubble: Dear Lord, shoot me now.

However my response is to ask the other art director, who sits beside him in their art director bullpen, how it would look with just the 123 disclosure bigger. After all, she has more experience with these brochures and disclosures than he does. But it was a mistake to draw her into this. You see, having extra time on her hands doesn't make her more conscientious, like him, or more agitated, like me. She really enjoys it.

So her response to me was, "I don't know."

My thought bubble: How can you not know? You've been doing this very think for more than four fucking years here! Close your email, quit watching Hulu and help us!

My verbal response: Oh, I guess it doesn't really matter because we're making all the disclosures one point size bigger. Thanks anyway!

Revealing myself as the impatient, frustrated bitch I am would not be helpful. Still, I wonder if my chipper demeanor looks as fake as it feels ...

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