Monday, September 14, 2015

With all due apologies to the Eagles ...

... I've got an unpeaceful, uneasy feeling.

Christine the Mole was warm and friendly today. (So unlike her.) Our department head, Mr. Big, was all anticipatory glee when he asked when my boss would be back from vacation. (Tomorrow.) And Katie, our team member who works remotely on site with our client downstate is suddenly coming up here "for a day or two." (Usually her trips are planned out in advance and have a definite agenda.)

Uh oh.

I fear that tomorrow it will become official and Christine the Mole will replace Long Tall Sally.

This is not good. She's petty. She's negative. She's political. And she's always so mired in the small stuff that she doesn't see the big picture, and we desperately need a big picture thinker.

Let's all fervently hope that I'm 100%, completely wrong on this.

I wish the Cubs were playing tonight. I need the distraction!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how this turned out.


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