Monday, September 14, 2015

Who knew?

Because this weekend featured my favorite, FAVORITE weather -- 65º and sunny -- I was going to take Reynaldo to the park. He likes the park, likes watching the plants and squirrels and people from the vantage point of his carrier. (I never let him out because there are always dogs there, too.) Being alert like that chills him out somewhat and helps alleviate the inevitable evening mano-a-feline conflicts.

But Sunday we did not enjoy our little adventure, as planned. When I did a little test run through the park, I discovered a festival going on. Chicagoland's Pagan community was having their annual event. There were incense and crystals, psychic readings, dissertations on prejudice and religious beliefs and a willingness to answer questions about their way of life. They were also doing a wonderful job of collecting canned good for local food pantries -- a cause that's near and dear to my heart.

I am very proud of the fact that they felt welcome in my hometown. We don't have a state religion in this country, and I'm old-school patriotic about that wise and brave stance.* I'm also secure in my Christianity and, while I'm humbled by and grateful for the guidance and comfort my faith reliably provides, I'm not threatened by those who don't worship as I do.

I was surprised that there was such a flourishing pagan community here in Chicagoland. Who knew?

*Especially when watching the burlesque that's going on with that Kentucky county clerk, who exhibits no respect for the heritage of the separation between Church and State.


  1. "Burlesque" is an EXquisite word for that situation. I'll be stealing it. Thanks!

    Also, I'm out to find out if we have a pagan community in my area.

  2. Fascinating festival.

  3. OOH! Lots of the woo going on! What fun! I don't follow the pagan tradition although I did spend some time in a pagan community and they were interesting folk. Glad you felt comfortable with all of it.

  4. My experience with the pagan community is how very welcoming and accepting they are. Their attitude seems to be "I see that differently, and that's okay," rather than "I'm right, you're wrong." I'm glad you found that, too.


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