Saturday, October 06, 2012

Sometimes people surprise you

I found a card on my desk Thursday night. Signed by all my coworkers. And it included an insert that showed a donation was made to my mom's favorite animal shelter in her name. I thought they had ignored what happened, because I'm the one who always does the collecting and card routing in situations like this. I just figured that if I didn't do it, it wouldn't get done.

My friend John is already looking out for me. My birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year. I have been dreading it ever since I saw my first 2012 calendar. I even mentioned to my mom a couple months ago that I'd like to skip the gathering of the clan and fly out to California to spend it with my oldest friend and her family, but my mom said emphatically she wanted me here. So I didn't make the flight reservations. Now it's a little late to do it economically, so I'm stuck. I'm not sure my kid sister is even going to have a Thanksgiving dinner -- without my mother here, she might just go along to her in laws'. Well, John just invited me this week to spend the holiday with him and his friend, Gregory. They have a tradition of their own, dressing up and going to a restaurant in the Streeterville neighborhood serves an old-fashioned Thanksgiving feast. I may join them. And even if I don't, it's good to know that he loves and is thinking of me and that I won't have to be alone on my first birthday and Thanksgiving without my mom, no matter what.

Kathy has been useful. My old and very difficult friend showed up for my mom's visitation and stayed for the service. That surprised me. Not only that, she came over and acted as realtor, giving us an estimate for what she thinks my mom's house would go for. (My older sister insist we compare three realtors.) And she's taken me out to brunch twice. I don't get it. If she was this nice to me a year ago, I might not have been so serious about severing ties with her. I'm grateful for her help, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.

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  1. I'm especially surprised by Kathy's snap back to friendship. And I hope you take John up on his offer, there's something so sweet about getting dressed up to go out.


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