Wednesday, March 07, 2012



Just because Statcounter tells me these searches are how people found me doesn't mean I was what they were looking for. I also don't pretend to understand why Googlers were searching for these phrases.

1) "Leonardo di Caprio on The Facts of Life" -- Leo was never on The Facts of Life, George Clooney was. But I mentioned them both in a recent TT about Oscar's Best Actor Nominees.

2) "Stephen Colbert's ears" -- This post did recount a weird dream I had about Mr. Colbert, but I made no mention of his ears

3) "Jean DuJardin's teeth" -- This post celebrates Uggie, the true star of The Artist, and includes DuJardin, but I never mentioned the man's teeth

4) "awaiting snow" -- A visitor from Sweden searched for that phrase and found this 2010 post. I apologize for impression I may have left about Americans.

5) "how do corn flakes fall?" -- A visitor from the Philippines asked this. In this recent Sunday Stealing post, I mentioned that I had corn flakes for breakfast. I made no mention of the impact of gravity on this cereal, though.

6) "Aunt Stella Uncle Joe died" -- I understand this one! It's from a once-ubiquitous Colonial Penn commercial that I was very, very familiar with and referenced in this meme.

7) "Robert the Doll" -- The haunted doll I wrote about is a Key West legend and has quite a following

8) "I love him but he embarrasses me" -- That search ended in this post and clip re: "Frank Mills," a song from the musical Hair that includes the line, "I love him, but it embarrasses me to walk down the street with him."

9) "gal paint top" -- I don't know what this visitor from the Philippines was looking for, but they ended up at this post about the painting party my best friend had for his daughter.

10) "Can you talk without a tongue?" -- I'm sorry that Google thought this question could be answered by my post about my cat Charlotte's tongue

11) "happy football" -- Somehow search led to this post about my nephew's soccer team. The word "football" doesn't appear once.

12) "Too bad, so sad" -- This phrase was the title of a 2010 post about Princess Lee Radziwill

13) "The next Pope after Benedict" -- Well, I did mention Pope Benedict in this post about Rick Santorum

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  1. Oh wow, this is really cool. I didn't think about tracking visiters, but it's an awesome idea. How do people find us?

  2. I'm always looking at that Statcounter stuff on my other site. You can find out some interesting stuff.

    Have a great Thursday!

  3. I find this kind of stuff interesting, too. My most visited post is one I did about my boxwood bushes. The next most-visited is a picture of my chewed-off fingernails.

    Not exactly what I had hoped to be renowned for!

  4. Wow, I'm really curious about #9 - what was this person searching for? lol.

    Thanks for sharing!

    My TT:

  5. This is hilarious.

  6. OMG, those are so funny and interestingly strange. I should take a look at what brings people to my blog. Now you've peeked my curiosity!

  7. yeah, I can only hope that people come for one thing but get distracted and stay for what they find. Recent at one: winnowing shovel, hockey stadium, go get em tiger, poems about letting go of a friend and smile it's free.


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