Friday, August 27, 2010

Is it wrong?

My neighborhood Blockbuster will be closing its doors forever -- after 20 years -- in mid-September. And I just spent nearly an hour wandering its shelves, picking up treasures on sale. I got 15 lobby cards for $3 (to decorate my new office and share with friends), a South Park DVD game for my niece, three used DVDs for me and, best of all, a brand new, still sealed copy of An Affair to Remember for my mom, all for $37.77!

It's a "best of all" because my mom is broke these days, and she feels very bad that she won't be able to fuss over my kid sister very much for her upcoming birthday. Well, when they were on vacation together last week, my mom and my sister were talking about movies and Mom was scandalized that my sister had never seen An Affair to Remember, which is one of Mom's favorites. Even though I'm not wild about my sister these days, it was well worth $7 to pick it up for my mom to give her. Because really, not being able to spoil us is the hardest part of the Recession for my mom.

So I was happy about this until it occurred to me -- Blockbuster itself could be creating more victims of the Recession. After all, that location has employed people in this town for decades. Is it wrong for me to get happiness out of their "going out of business" sale? I feel a little like a vulture.


  1. What a great deal!! I LOVE an Affair to Remember.

  2. I've never seen An Affair to Remember either, though it was recommended to me.

  3. You are such a kind-hearted person. Every time you share something like that, it makes my heart smile. You are so good to your mom.

    I'm glad to know you as a friend, Gal.


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