Friday, September 11, 2009

September Fitness Challenge

Day 10. Good choices. Yesterday morning I rode Amtrak down to the client's offices. I got there just in time for a quick meet 'n' greet with our client before The Big Presentation. We sat in the company cafeteria. Both she and my coworker/copresenter had salads. I really wasn't hungry but hadn't eaten anything all day and was worried that my stomach would make an unattractive rumble during the song and dance. So to stave off rumbling, I reached for a bag of chips. And put it back, instead opting for a low-fat raspberry yogurt.

My healthy wisdom didn't end there. Last night I stubbed my toe (I am a klutz) and sustained an interesting but unacceptable break on my right toenail. Part of it just chipped away and it looked like the eye of a hook-and-eye pair. I have plans Friday PM and all day Saturday so I decided I would just have to get a new pedi over Friday lunch ... even though I had planned to use that time to work out.

"Wait a moment!" I said to myself. "Does anyone really have to get a pedi?" So I actually grabbed the nail clippers and emery board and took care of it myself. Just like the pioneer women did! Thereby preserving time for my workout.

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  1. hey gal, don't forget the $ you saved !!!!


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