Friday, September 11, 2009

"Maggie Poppins"

This summer, one of my least favorite coworkers was on maternity leave and the agency replaced her with an independent contractor, Maggie. She was terrific. Not only did she more than fill the new mom's shoes professionally, Maggie was like a balm for the creative team here. She was so easy to work with! She took the time to listen to me regarding the new mom, who Maggie has known for years. She then explained that the new mom is defensive and nervous because she's very young to have risen to the position of Account Director. It's not even a job the new mom wanted yet, it was offered to her. Maggie assures me that she's really very nice, just insecure.

I decided to keep Maggie's insights in mind and, when the new mom returned to work, treat her like a new employee. Tabula rasa.

Yesterday the new mom and I were together for about 5 hours, some of it with the client, much of it just the two of us. I believe we got along very well! She was less defensive and respectful of my contributions and responsibilities when it came to the presentation, so I suspect Maggie may have given the new mom some insights about those of us on the creative team, too.

Life is easier and more pleasant when there's less tension in the air. So even though her assignment here is over, I send a thank you through the cosmos to Maggie. She's like a marketing Mary Poppins, landing in an agency, healing the rift between account and creative, and then, just as suddenly, flying away to help others in need.

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  1. Glad you and new mom were able to work together peacefully. We could use some Mary Poppins in our contract negotiations.