Friday, August 21, 2009

09 August Happines Challenge -- Day 20

Thursday. Maggie. She's the coworker who gave me a ride home from today's downstate client presentation. It was great to chat with her. She's an independent contractor -- not an agency employee. She's filling in for a coworker who has been on maternity leave. Since the new mom returns to work on Monday, we'll still have Maggie for two more weeks as she helps the new mom transition back.

It's been great to have Maggie here. Not only because she's neat in her own right, but because the new mom can be a real pill. Maggie gave me insights into the new mom that will help me deal with her when we have to work together going forward.

I don't like the new mom any more today than I did months ago when she left for maternity leave. But I don't have to like her. We aren't going to date, we're going to work together. The insights Maggie shared will make it easier for me to maintain my professionalism.


  1. People like Maggie make life much easier.

  2. It's great Maggie can offer insights, that's helpful.


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