Sunday, February 08, 2009

Confessing my geekier secret loves

Patrick Dempsey. Hugh Grant. George Clooney. Especially Dreamy Don Draper, aka Jon Hamm. Yes, they're all gorgeous and they populate my fantasies handsomely. But in the motel that is my mind, there are some less conventional leading men in starring roles.

John Grisham. Best-selling author. Former lawyer. Former Mississippi Congressman. Currently doing a lot of TV to promote his latest book, and every time I see him I'm reminded that he's one of the cutest little eggheads you'd ever want to meet.

David E. Kelly. The power behind Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal, The Practice, Boston Legal, and more shows I can't recall just now. Amazingly and consistently talented, his work has always veered wildly from comedy to tragedy to romance ... just like real life.

Charlie Rose. PBS talkshow host. As comfortable and effective interviewing Condoleeza Rice as he is with Ron Howard. So sophisticated that he's already bored with ideas that haven't even occurred to me yet.

Former Congressman Harold Ford of TN ... and MSNBC. He's a centerist Democrat from the south, and a dishy political commentator with a calm manner and a lovely voice. I could listen to him forever.

There's something so hot about men this much smarter than I. Sigh ...


  1. I've always been attracted to intelligent men. Ummm...truth be told...I used to adore Peter Jennings. He wasn't drop dead gorgeous but his intensity and brains I loved. Go figure!
    (but I so get it)

    You brave soul you.

  2. Unfortunately, I am attracted to brains, but I am fall down in lust with pompous a--holes, too!

  3. I'd have to include Anderson Cooper. He's hot and fun.


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