Thursday, March 26, 2020

I vacuumed and did my homework

Last weekend, my shrink gave me an assignment: she wanted me to express what I felt my "next chapter" was going to look like. I don't know why, really. She mentioned it at the very end of our hour and I didn't have much chance to question why she thought this was important. 

Anyway, she's the doctor, so today I did it. It took about two hours for me to explore where I think my life will go after this job ends. This was the first long document I've done in Apple's Pages word processing program, so that was interesting.

I tapped into a conference call -- this time without alerting the authorities. And I vacuumed. Second time this week! One of my coworkers called to touch base. And now I'm going to take nap.

That's the deal I've made with myself. I have to be productive before I get to nap. Yesterday I slipped, but today I was on it.

My temperature is 98.3ยบ.


  1. I never use Pages--I open Google Docs. Interesting assignment, I have been thinking about that a lot, too. What next?

  2. those little bubble pops are hard to resist they are so fun to pop