Saturday, May 05, 2018

Home soon!

I got some good news from Napoleon and Caleb.  Randi will soon be released from the hospital! Cancer free and infection free. She'll have to use a wheelchair for a few weeks -- her doctors want her to be very careful about exertion and her heart until she's stronger -- but she'll be home. Good for her! And good for Napoleon and Caleb, who have been stag long enough.

Really, this has been exhausting for him. He works overnights, driving a forklift in a food distribution warehouse. He's doing better there, working enough hours for benefits. (Yea!) Then he panhandles for much-needed extra cash. Then he visits his wife in the hospital. It's a lot of time on public transportation and very little time sleeping.

But I'm happy to see his hard work paying off. At first, when he began working at the warehouse, I thought they were taking advantage of him. They didn't want to give him more than 20 hours/week, no matter how willing he was, because they didn't want to deal with health insurance or the union. But now they appreciate what a hard worker he is. They not only have upped his hours, his boss allows him to bring Napoleon to work (safely stowed in his carrier).

I can't get over what a bruiser Napoleon has become. Really, he's a very big cat. This month he turns one year old. Broad across the chest, with a big head, he's a formidable and healthy boy. I'm sure he weighs 12 lbs. or more. His momcat and littermates are all dead, but he has found comfort and care with Caleb and Randi.


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