Saturday, May 05, 2018


Representative of my abode
My boss showed us the real estate listing for his house. It's gorgeous! And it left me feeling bad about my home.

I'm overrun with clutter. A lot of it is from the office. We're moving early in June, and much of the stuff is what won't make the move. But even more of it is stuff I haven't gone through and decided to keep, donate or toss.

My carpet is a mess. Dirty and torn up by Miss Connie, who just can't keep to her scratching post. My bathroom is still half done, and there's a problem with my window sills that will require handyman attention.

And what did I do about all this today? Nothing. I got home early, watched the Cub game (don't ask) and farted around on the Internet.

Wait! That's not all! I also paid a few bills and took a nap.


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  1. We really are soul sisters. I can so relate to the clutter slob side of you because it's me. And what am I doing about it? I'm sitting here on the internet.


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