Saturday, June 10, 2017

The (Bat)Man I Loved

Farewell to Adam West, the best Batman there ever was.

When I was a wee one, I believed the show straight up. I was obsessed with the Dynamic Duo's adventures each week and dutifully reported them to my uncle, who was fighting in Vietnam. My uncle so amused by my serious reportage that he kept the letters for decades. We found them among his papers after died six years ago. Thank you for giving Uncle Ted and me a little something to share over the miles, Batman.

With time, of course, I discovered it was camp and with each viewing, I appreciate Adam West's comedic timing more. He was fucking brilliant. With his passing, I hope MeTV does a marathon. I long to see The Batusi again!



  1. Love the story about your letters!

  2. So wonderful that your uncle kept those letters, and that you were so diligent about writing them. Adam West was my favorite Batman, too.


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