Saturday, June 10, 2017

I don't care if never get back ....

Oh, Friday was a blissful day! The skies were Cubbie blue, there was a cool breeze and cold beer, and I was with good friends in my favorite place in the world.

How is Rizz only hitting .244?
We had great seats. Didn't miss a moment of the action. Unfortunately, my guys still haven't got it together yet. They left the bases loaded -- twice! The second time was, heartbreakingly, in the bottom of the 9th.

But you know, it was still a glorious day. My first time back since The World Series win. There's now a Park at Wrigley, right outside the field. It's a great, grassy little spot to enjoy your first beer of the day. Better yet, there's a big Cubs store that's worth a visit. Not for the merchandise -- you can get that stuff at any store on any corner in Chicago. Go to see the trophy case.

Many of the Cub greats donated their hardware. The heroes of my girlhood represented by their Gold Gloves and I even saw Greg Maddux' first Cy Young Award! It's a wonderful way to start the day, and it takes some of the sting out of going through a metal detector to watch a ballgame.

I am ambivalent about the amped up security. On the one hand, I'm grateful that they are taking the necessary precautions. On the other hand, I hate even thinking of terrorists trying to hurt me, my city, or my beloved old ballpark. My favorite place in the whole world.

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