Friday, January 13, 2017

Saturday 9

1) This song was inspired by a note WHAM! partner Andrew Ridgeley left for his parents. He accidentally wrote "go" twice. What was the last handwritten note you left for someone? It was to a local charity and I mailed it along with my check. Last year I had a coupon book to remind me to contribute to them, and I asked them to please send me one for 2017. They are a small animal shelter and I know they appreciate all the help they can get, but I admit without the reminder I might forget. BTW, here's their link: Harmony House for Cats. (It's MLK Weekend, you know. That's a good reason to do some good and support a charity, isn't it?)

2) Born Georgios Panayiotou, George Michael was the son of the Greek restauranteur in East London. When you think of Greek cuisine, what comes to mind? Flaming cheese. OPA!

3) He was a terrible driver and admitted his license was suspended a number of times. Have you ever lost your license? Nope. 

4) WHAM! partner Andrew Ridgeley, on the other hand, is a talented driver who got to live his fantasy by racing Formula Three in Monaco. There are companies that sell racetrack driving experiences that allow you to spin around the track at dizzying speeds. Is this something you like to try? Nope.

5) In 1990, Frank Sinatra famously gave George Michael advice. Ol' Blue Eyes told the younger man to enjoy his fame, to remember all those lean nights traveling from gig to gig by bus and, now that he's successful, "loosen up and swing, man." Who last gave you advice? Did you take it? One of my coworkers advised me to try not to take it all so seriously. I really like and respect our client and sometimes I feel unable to do my best work because of circumstances here at the agency. "Perspective," he advised. "Keep it in perspective." Wise words. I can make myself crazy with work stuff.

6) Mr.  Michael's neighbors have reported since his passing that he seemed to live rather quietly, and that they usually saw him when he was out walking his three dogs. Tell us about the last time you spoke to one of your neighbors. Friday morning I commiserated with one of my neighbors about the sad state of our condo building's common areas. Really, you should see our laundry room. :(
7) Fansites tell us that George Michael's favorite cereal was cornflakes. What breakfast cereals are currently in your kitchen? 

8) In 1984, when "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" was popular, Murder, She Wrote premiered on CBS. Today it's still seen in reruns all over the world. Are you a fan? No. Back in 1984, I dismissed it as a show for old ladies. Now, in 2017, I am an old lady.

9) RANDOM QUESTION: What's your secret to a good night's sleep? I bought myself a new pillow back in August. I loooooove it. With the ubiquitous Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon, it was just $10.99, including tax. At that price I should remember to switch out pillows more often. What a cheap but satisfying little luxury!


  1. I need to get a new pillow. But I'm waiting for our move to do anything like buy shit, because I'm trying to get rid of, not accumulate! Thanks for the BBB pillow recommendation!

    I love your small charity plug. Awesome of you to seek them out to remind you to help them!

    Thanks for doing Sat9. I think your questions are always awesome. :)

  2. What is flaming cheese? I've only recently come to appreciate Greek/Middle Eastern cuisine and I've never heard of this.

    What kind of pillow did you get? I am on a constant search for the right pillow that won't have me ending up with a stiff neck in the morning. My favorite so far is the Perfect Pillow...memory foam and made for side sleepers, but unless I can find it on sale it runs about $80.

  3. I never heard of Flaming Cheese so I had to Google it... Saganaki

  4. We go through pillows here like crazy. At one point I had 13 pillows stacked up in the closet (I gave them all to a charity). It is so hard to find one that feels right. I no longer sleep on a pillow but instead sleep on a roll thing that I found in a drug store but which I cannot find again. I try not to buy things at BBB because they smell like perfume and I have to let things air out for weeks (literally) before I can use them.

  5. "Keep it in perspective " could be about the wisest words ever said.
    People are really into their pillows it seems. All I know that if I have the wrong pillow life sucks.

  6. I have such interrupted sleep--I've been enjoying the advice everyone's giving for #9.

  7. Yum, flaming cheese!
    Great idea for MLK weekend. Thanks for sharing the ilink.
    And, thank you forSaturday9. It's something I look forward to all week.

  8. My life changed for the better when I finally bought a new pillow. What a difference it can make!

  9. Saganaki ftw! Man, I totes forgot that in my list.

    The right pillow can change your life, and if you get it for a great price, even better!

    Re your common areas: WHY are people such pigs?? It's one of my biggest complaints about my coworkers.....

  10. I am an old lady now, but I still don't care for some of the formulaic series of the 80's. They seemed the same every week.


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