Saturday, December 03, 2016

On the house!

One of my favorite things to do has always been to celebrate the weekend with a coffee shop breakfast while reading my book. This morning I decided to get into the swing of the holidays by ordering something distinctly seasonal -- pumpkin pancakes topped with cream cheese, a side of bacon, and a glass of OJ.

Before my breakfast came, the hostess came over to me and asked me what I ordered. Because another patron had asked her if she could pick up the bill for "a restaurant regular" as a Christmas present.

Huh? What? This has never happened to me before.

I turned around and a woman at the cash register waved sheepishly at me. I waves and started to get up but she shook her head. Then, as she walked out of the restaurant and passed my window, she mouthed, "Merry Christmas."

And here I had been happy to get a table near the Christmas tree! I never dreamed my meal would be comped.

When I left the restaurant, I asked the hostess to be sure, next time she sees that woman, to tell her that I intended to take a little of the money she saved me and use it to buy something for the food pantry donation box at Trader Joe's.*

"Ah!" the hostess said happily, "I knew I picked the right patron!"

Don't you just love Christmastime?

*And I did. Instead of one box of mac 'n' cheese mix, I donated two.


  1. Passing it forward. Great story.

  2. Yes, Christmastime is very magical. Lovely story!


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