Sunday, August 28, 2016

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 27

Look at my happy kitty
Saturday's happiness: New pillow. I noticed while changing my sheets that there was no really no difference anymore between my "good" pillow -- the one I favor -- and my "old" pillow. So Friday I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond with one of their ubiquitous coupons and picked up a new "good" pillow for just $10.99 (incl. tax). I love it. It's both firm and fluffy.

Now the "old" pillow has been relegated to the armoire, which means that's what I'll stick guests with if they insist on staying me with me.

Each day in August you are to post about something that makes *you* happy. Pretty simple. And, it doesn't even have to be every day if you don't want it to be. It's a great way to remind ourselves that there are positive things going on in our lives, our communities, and the world.

If you want to play along, just come back here (meaning to this blog, not this individual post) each day in August, looking for the happy cat. Every day I will try to have a post with the headline: August Happiness Challenge: Day [X]. Leave a comment and then post your own daily happiness, with August Happiness Challenge in the title to make it easy to find. 


  1. I have a hard time throwing pillows away and must have a selection of 10 that I rotate in both guest rooms. The day is coming soon when I buy all new pillows and ALL the old ones get tossed. I'm also going to opt for pillow covers for all of them, too.

  2. My most recent new pillow is a "Cool pillow" which is amazing! I actually notice a difference because my head doesn't get all night sweaty.

  3. Sorry I missed the Happiness Challenge yet again.

    The new pillow reminds me that we should think about relegating one or two of ours to becoming stuffing for something else, after a good washing.
    Have a happy week!


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