Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sunday Stealing

25 Large Meme
  1. Travel anywhere, where would it be? I'd like to sneak away for a weekend in a place I haven't been in years, like Hot Springs or Memphis or Boston.
  2.  Meet anyone, who would it be? Michelle Obama. I'd like to ask her how she handles the scrutiny and relentlessly unfair criticism with such grace. And why doesn't she want to move back here to Chicago when their time in the White House is done?
  3. Bring anyone dead back to life, who would it be? I wouldn't. I don't believe it would be wise to change the course of history that way.
  4.  Be anyone for a day, who would it be? I'd like to be a petsitter. Doesn't sound all that glam, does it? Well, it's something I've thought about doing when I retire from advertising and I wonder how I'd like it, how good I'd be at it.
  5.  Get anything for free for the rest of your life what would it be? Electricity and light bulbs. I don't know why, but I really resent paying for those things.
  6.  Change one thing about your life what would it be? My laziness.
  7. Have any superpower what would it be? Time travel. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at many moments in history.
  8. Be any animal for a day which would you be? One of my cats. I'd love to speak to them, learn what they like and what they don't, about their lives with me.
  9. Date anyone who would it be? Bruce Springsteen. Of course, since he's married he shouldn't be dating.
  10.  Change one thing about the world what would it be? The divisive us-against-them that permeates everything. Naturally I would start with Donald Trump.
  11.  Live in any fictional universe which would you choose? I don't like sci fi, so I don't know how to answer this.
  12.  Eliminate one of your human needs which would you get rid of? Sleep
  13.  Change one thing about your physical appearance what would it be? I hate how fat my face is
  14.  Change one of your personality traits which would you choose? The aforementioned laziness
  15.  Be talented at anything instantly what would you choose? Singing!
  16.  If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? How is this different from question #2?
  17.  Erase an event from history (make it so it never happened) which would you choose? I wouldn't. I don't believe it would be wise to change the course of history that way.
  18.  Have any hair/eye/skin color, which would you choose? I like my coloring (pale skin, light brown hair, green eyes)
  19.  Be any weight/body type, which would you choose? Tall and lean
  20.  Live in any country/city, where would you choose? I like it right where I am
  21.  Change one law in your country, which would you change? I'd like to protect the separation of church and state. Legislating one's faith feels very unpatriotic and un-Christian to me.
  22. Be any height, which would you choose? I'd like to be 5'7 and wear a size 8.
  23. Have any job in the world, which would you choose? Queen of the circus
  24. Have anything appear in your pocket right now, what would it be? The key to Leroy Jethro Gibbs' heart
  25.  Have anyone beside you right now, who would it be? My cat, Joey. I miss him that dear old tomcat more than I thought I would.


  1. LOL...I LOVE your answer about Gibbs. Be careful, though. Shannon has that one sewn up. Ask his other 3 wives.

  2. Any fiction is a fictional universe.

    And I do not think you are lazy. It takes a lot to work a 40-hour job and that sucks the life right out of you.

  3. You are right about both Trump & Gibbs. I had never seen NCIS until 20101 when I met Kathy. I've even started watching the first season. I had no idea that Sasha Alexandra was in it. I love her on Rizzoli & Isles...

  4. I agree with CountryDew, you are tired and not lazy. I bet you are sad,too, because of Joey. He would want you to save another little heart a soon as you can,I'd bet.
    About Michelle Obama not wanting to go back to Chicago. She may wish to stay closer to her daughters when they go to college.

  5. I'm going to chime in with the defenders of lazy. Because I am lazy, too, and I want to defend my laziness. ;-)

  6. We actually seem to think a lot alike. I totally agree with your reasoning about not changing history, though I would like to have the Founders and writers of the Constitution back just for maybe a day to tell everyone what they meant, what they had in mind....clear it all up for us. Then again, the state of the country and politics would probably break their hearts and I'd hate to do that to them.

  7. RE: Michelle Obama (whom I adore) - their youngest wanted to finish school there in DC so they are staying until she's done. At least that's what I heard.