Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: You're Beautiful

1) The first line is of this song is, "My life is brilliant." Using one word, describe your life.

2)  This is about a chance encounter between strangers in a crowd, specifically the subway. What "crowded place" were you most recently in? The train Thursday morning was crazy crowded. The gentleman sitting next to me was a smoker and his leather jacket retained the stench. It wasn't at all like encountering an angel, as described in the song.
3) Near the very end of this song, James Blunt sings, "It's time to face the truth." Do you believe you face things head on? Or do you tend to deny or put off the unpleasant? I don't like hurting anyone's feelings, so I suppose I put things off longer than I should.

4) James Blunt went to an all-boys school. Some educators recommend single-sex classrooms because they maintain girls just naturally approach subjects like math and science differently than boys do. Do you agree? I don't really have an opinion on this and have heard compelling arguments on both sides.

5) Blunt put his father in charge of his finances. Income taxes are top of mind for many of us this time of year. Do you do your own taxes? Or do you go to an accountant or tax preparation service? I use an accountant, and consider it money well spent. My oldest friend does her own taxes, and is always finding out she owes more than she thought she would. I pay to make sure I have no surprises.

6)  In 2005, the year this song was a hit, the sitcom How I Met Your Mother was also popular.  Do you know how your parents met? My dad was a mechanic, working on this lady's car. The lady thought he was such a nice young man. That lady, my mother's mother, played matchmaker and wrangled my mother an invitation to a party at the mechanic's house.

7) 2005 is also the year Tom Cruise famously jumped on a sofa. Do you remember where he did this? Oprah. I saw it live. I happened to be home from work that day because I had a doctor's appointment. I recall thinking Oprah was just as weird as he was. "He's gone," she kept saying, "The boy is gone." The whole incident was very strange. People just don't naturally behave the way either of them did.

8) 2005 was also the year YouTube really took off. What's the last video you watched? The video for this week's song.

9) Random question ... Which of these high profile jobs would you enjoy more: head of General Motors, CEO of Apple or president of the New York Yankees? My first response is that they all sound like too much stress and I'm not interested in any of them. But then I remembered how nice ballplayers look in their tight pants, so I'll choose president of the Yankees.


  1. I chose the baseball team too. And I like the way your parents met. How cool! And the Tom Cruise-Oprah! Blech!

  2. Tight pants. Ha. That's as good a reason as any, I suppose.

  3. Tom is strange. I guess that's why we don't hear a whole lot about him these days.

  4. Smoking stench is unbelievable. I had quit smoking for 20 years when I started to "bar smoke bumming a couple each night. It wasn't until a girlfriend smoke that I started full ahead. It took 10 years to stop again. I ran into her at a piano bar and the first thing she said was "You quit smoking!" I had the stench the last time I saw her after she had quit...

  5. I remember seeing that Oprah episode, too. It was a bizarre time.

  6. I only saw the pictures of Cruise afterward. I have always though he was strange after he got older.

  7. I don't like hurting people's feelings either, friends that is. I will step in if things go too far in a group. I guess it comes from being the eldest, and being like a second mother in my family.
    That's a Sweet how mother met father story.
    What you said about changes which change everything is so true... I once told my older girls that you can't change one thing without changing everything. That event just floated back through the old noggin.

  8. Ugh... I was stuck with a smoker like that but it was in my car. We carpooled down to a meeting and my car stunk for a week afterward. Never again will I carpool with him.


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