Sunday, February 14, 2016

Walking the walk

There's an evangelical Free Church in my community that has captured my attention and admiration. For they seem to be more about love than judgement or self promotion. Today, seeing their good works first hand in my neighborhood touched my heart.

It was 17ยบ this fine, bright Saturday. Dangerously cold. Yet many of us still had to get to work, which entails waiting on a freezing el platform. Train stations are also relatively safe places for the homeless to go for shelter.

I stopped by the station to add value to my train pass. And there was the Free Church, handing out Blistex, hot coffee, Hershey's kisses and (best of all) gloves free to anyone who wanted them. Everyone who walked by was encouraged to partake, thereby eliminating embarrassment or stigma felt by anyone who really needed the handout. (They actually thanked me for taking my freebie.) The congregants manning the tables were happy and friendly and full of love.

Slipping my free tube of Blistex into my pocket, I looked around for a sign promoting a cause or an organization. Was this my village at work? The local Dunkin Donuts, perhaps? Finally I asked a gentleman who I should thank.

"Free Church," he said with a smile, squeezing my arm.

WHAT? No address was posted. No times of service advertised. No place to leave a donation. No literature. Just a smile, a greeting and material comfort for all on a frigid morning.

The aid they provided, and the sensitivity they served it with, felt so Christ like to me.


  1. What a GREAT story!!

  2. Those folks sound incredible. WOW

  3. That's the true spirit of giving.


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