Saturday, February 06, 2016

I did plenty of nothin'

Every weekend I intend to accomplish soooo much. And today, I did none of it. (OK, I have done laundry and dishes and grocery shopped, but that doesn't begin to make a dent in the mess that is my condo.)

Usually when I'm this lazy, I get mad at myself. But not today. Because most of today I spent observing Joey. After being my fur buddy for 17 years, I feel like I owe him this level of affection and attention as his life ends.

He stares a lot, because I don't think he can see well anymore. He wobbles as he gets up or settles in, because of his debilitating arthritis. He sleeps a lot, but then even as a young gun he liked his naps. But he doesn't get on furniture anymore unless I put him there. No more jumping for Joe.

At about 1:00 today, I'd decided that it was time to say good bye. I was going to call the vet and make an appointment to put him down on Tuesday. And then something funny happened ...

I took my jewelry off, looping my rings onto my watchband for safekeeping. When they clanged together, Joey brightened and slapped at the watch. I got out the laser pointer and damn if he didn't chase it for a moment. So his life does still have joy in it. And I don't think he would move like that if he was in pain.

So I'm not putting him down just yet. I have quit giving him his blood pressure/vision meds. As I said, I think his vision is gone already and getting dosed frightens him. The sad truth is that he's not going to live much longer, with the medicine or without, so let's spare each other that.


  1. I think you are being sensible in stopping the medications. And very humane. I am sorry you are losing him. I had my last dog for 17 years and it was very hard to put her down, but it was time.

  2. Poor Joey. He's so lucky to have you there, and to know he's loved and cared for.

  3. Sending you tons of love. And echoing the comments above. It's never easy, it's done out of enormous love for our companions and Joey knows all of that.


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