Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: That's All (1983)

1) In the lyrics, Phil Collins sings of a time he was wrong when he thought he was right. Tell us about a recent time when you got it wrong. I thought I'd lost my very favorite sunglasses. I love those sunglasses so much I never wear them, for fear I'll lose them. Then I decided that was silly, that there's no point to having them if I never wear them. So I wore them one day and then couldn't find them the next day. It's pathetic how I first searched for, then mourned, those glasses. AND THEN I FOUND THEM IN MY SUNGLASSES DRAWER! YEA! I was wrong. I hadn't lost them at all! I simply put them away.
2) The song is addressed to a lover that Phil clearly feels is contrary. When he says, "day," she says, "night." Is there anyone in your life who seems to disagree with you all or most of the time? Ugh. Christine the Mole. She is part of my ongoing problem at work. She's so negative about everything that comes out of my mouth that, when she heard me mention that I'd found my beloved sunglasses, she sneered, "And it's cloudy today."

3) This was Genesis' first Top 10 hit in the US. Can you name another Phil Collins or Genesis song? "Against All Odds." I love that song because it reminds me of this scene from the movie of the same name. Sigh. It may be hard for you young folk to believe, but Jeff Bridges was once soooo hot.

4) Phil Collins is a model train enthusiast. Is there anything special that you collect? Books. Especially hardcovers about the 1960s.

  5) Collins was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. At the ceremony, he delivered the commencement address. When did you last give a presentation or deliver a speech? It's been a while. Which is too bad. When I do a presentation and do well, it's a great lift to my spirit and confidence.

6) One of Phil Collins' early solo albums was called, Hello, I Must Be Going. He took the title from a song in the 1930 Marx Bros. movie, Animal Crackers. What's the last black and white movie or TV show that you watched? I watch a lot of b&w. Just the other night I saw a cool episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents starring a very, very young Robert Redford.

7) In 1983, when this song was popular, the Lotus 1-2-3 program made it easier for PC users to build spreadsheets. Are you answering these questions on a PC or a Mac? Laptop or desktop? Tablet or phone? MacBook Pro

  8) 1983 is also the year when McDonald's introduced McNuggets. What's your favorite chicken recipe (assuming it's not McNuggets)? Nothing fancy. Just  breaded. (I'm a simple gal with simple tastes.)

9) In 1983, President Reagan signed the bill making Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday a holiday. What's your favorite holiday? Oh, Christmas! (Unless I can get away with calling my birthday a holiday.)


  1. You can call your birthday a holiday. I did.

    It sounds like you need a new coworker. Wow.

  2. Anonymous3:20 PM

    wow, that coworker of yours :( i was all happy with you with your sunglasses story and then i read what she said and geez :(

  3. I liked the "Against All Odds" film, but I really love the song more. It reminds me of a few past lovers...

  4. I've seen that Hitchcock before too. Bridges was hot way back when. Oddly enough, I don't thing he cared.

  5. Oh, I dunno, Jeff Bridges is still hot enough for me. ;-)

    Your sunglasses story reminded me of this (which I read yesterday, so weird coincidence there!).

    Have I ever mentioned how much I love the names you give your coworkers?? ;-)


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