Sunday, September 20, 2015

Asking your help

There's a dreadful woman out there named Kristen Lindsey. She shot a defenseless orange tom through the head with a bow and arrow. Proud of her barbarism, she went to Facebook and posted a photo of herself displaying the poor fella (named Tiger) with the caption: "My first bow kill. Lol. The only good feral tomcat is a tomcat with arrow through an it's head. Vet of the Year award ... gladly accepted."

Yes, this bitch is a VET.

The State of Texas claims there is nothing they can do to stop her. While she lost her job in Brenham, Texas, because of this, she can still practice veterinary medicine. She has moved to Wyoming, where she is trying to start a business called Lazy Boot Equine, so she can make a living tending to horses (and hopefully not shooting them).

I don't want her to make a living treating any living being. I want her to be buried under a ton of student loan payments as she tries to pay for an expensive education she can never use.

So spread the word! Make sure the name Lazy Boot Equine,
which she owns, is forever tied to her horrible behavior. And please, sign this petition to help persuade the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners to take another look at her license.

I posted the link to his petition on my Facebook and got NOWHERE! I'm hoping that the people who stop by this blog will be more sensitive. (I know there are about 20 of your who come by each day and read but don't comment. That's cool, you're completely welcome here. And if you happen to sign this petition, I won't know. But trust me, you'll feel better.)

The petition shows the ugly photo of Tiger, dead on the end of an arrow. Here's Tiger at a happier time. He was loved and deserved better than he got.

Rest in peace, Tiger


  1. This is horrifying! I've signed and posted to FaceBook.

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    ugh! what is wrong with people??! i've done the same as kwizgiver. thanks for letting me know.


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