Sunday, April 26, 2015

How do people with children do it?

Connie's a quirky little girlcat, fond of hanging upside down and hooking her claws in net (like my suitcase). She's sweet natured and happy and has become a wonderful companion to me, Joey and especially Reynaldo.

Friday I almost did terrible damage to her. She was prescribed antibiotics for her gum infection and I overdosed her. Directly down her throat.

Ashamed, upset and so very worried, I left work early to make sure she was OK. She was. In order for an antibiotic OD to do real harm, it would have to be massive, and this wasn't. It was just a stupid, ugly and dangerous mistake on my part.

So now she's fine, but suddenly Reynaldo is not his usual manic self. I thought having a laid back Rey would make me happy, but it's actually very worrying.

It's probably just a hairball. It's that time of year, you know. I just wish he could tell me what's up.


  1. I would be a worry wart with a pet. I can't imagine what I would be like with a child!

  2. Parents screw up too. Once, on vacation when Sparky was an infant, I fed him canned Similac that I realized after TWO DAYS was supposed to be watered down. I'd been giving him concentrate for two days. And that's just the first Stupid Thing that crossed my mind.


    I still worry a lot about my ridiculous guinea pigs. It's silly, but there ya go.


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