Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday 9

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1) In honor of St. Patrick's Day (this coming Tuesday), we're featuring one of Ireland's most successful exports, U2. What else is Ireland famous for? Whiskey

2) The Dublin studio where U2 recorded this song (and all of Achtung, Baby) is
now a music store called Claddagh Records. U2 pilgrims from all over the world travel to the spot (Celia Street, Dublin 2). If we were to visit your neighborhood, are there any landmarks you could direct us to? Like the bridge over the Seine, where lovers used to write their names on padlocks and attach them to the rail before tossing the key into the river, people have been declaring their love by writing their names on locks and attaching them to the viaduct under the el tracks. It's a romantic way to dress up an inherently unattractive structure and it makes me happy every day as I pass it on my commute.

 3) Lead singer Bono is rarely seen without his trademark sunglasses because he suffers from glaucoma. How is your vision? 20/20? I'm dreadfully nearsighted and my eyes are sensitive to natural light.

4) Bono and wife Alison were married in 1982 and are still together today. Who is the longest-married couple you know?  My friend Mindy and her hubs have been together just about that long. They have been through a lot together -- they've lost parents, had a difficult time conceiving, gone through career ups and downs, raised their sons -- but they're still going strong. I know it sounds rather every day, but when you think about what it takes to share all that, I think it's heroic and touching.

5) When Bono inducted Frank Sinatra into the Grammy Hall of Fame, he applauded the older man's "swagger." Do you think you have swagger? I can. When I know what I'm doing.

6) Bono has been honored by world leaders, including President Obama and Nelson Mandela and the Pope, for his philanthropy. Here's your turn to brag: tell us something you have received praise for recently. My boss actually liked one of my creative concepts.That wouldn't normally be such a big deal -- coming up with these ideas is my job, after all -- except that he did one, too. Usually when he has a dog in the race, he doesn't care for any other concepts. So I was proud.

7) Clearly Bono is the most famous member of U2. Who else is in the band? Edge. Or does he prefer The Edge? I don't know.

8) On St. Patrick's Day, will you wear green? I may. The weather this time of year is very changeable. If I can wear a lighter weight blouse, I'll be in green.

9) Will you enjoy a glass of green beer or maybe a Shamrock Shake from McDonald's? Now that I don't see happening.


  1. I think he likes "The Edge"... and hopefully the weather will stay warmed up! Love the locks, I didn't know those were there!

  2. Thanks for picking my favorite band! And he does go by The Edge.

  3. I'm glad your boss liked your concept. I bet that made your week.

  4. You can join me for a green margarita :)

  5. oh gad! I forgot completely about Whiskey!


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