Thursday, September 11, 2014

I remain annoyed

For a President who claims he "doesn't do theater," Barack Obama staged quite the event last night. On the evening of September 10, he went on the air and discussed ISIS and how we need to go after that terror organization.

I support him. I'm a pacifist by nature, but I wished we'd gone into Syria last year. I applaud President Obama for working to build a coalition. I appreciate that this time, when we go to war in that part of the world, we won't be going it alone. Hopefully that will make it look less like we're trying to dominate and occupy Muslim land and more like we're trying to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves.

But he could have made this announcement on 9/8 or 9/9. He didn't have to wait until 9/10, so that the lead story on September 11 would once again be the war on terror.

Smart politics? Yes. But I feel manipulated, and I don't like it.

Obama for America/Organizing for Action is always sending me emails, inviting me to dinner or a conference call with the POTUS. Right now, today, I don't think he wants to hear how I feel.

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