Friday, June 13, 2014

Saturday 9

1) Eddie Fisher starred in a popular 1950s TV show, which was sponsored by Coca Cola. Do you have a favorite soft drink?  That would be Coke.

2) He was notorious for leaving his famous first wife for his very famous second wife. Can you name either of the women involved in this Hollywood scandal? He left Debbie Reynolds for Liz Taylor. Who left him for Richard Burton.

3) His oldest daughter, Carrie Fisher, is best known as Princess Leia from Star Wars. Are you a sci-fi fan?  No.

4) Since Sam's father is particular about his footwear and likes "a good pair of Cole Haan loafers," her Father's Day present to him is a DSW gift card. If we were to give you a gift card to any store or restaurant, which would you choose?  CVS. There's always something I can use from CVS.

5) Sam's father hates it when she swears. When is the last time your cursed? I have a potty mouth, so undoubtedly it was yesterday.

6) Sam's father is a voracious reader. So much so that the local librarian knows him on sight and by name. How often do you visit your neighborhood library? 
Not often enough. There's a big, beautiful library two blocks away and I should use it more.
 7) "A good used car is a better investment than a new car." That's what Sam's dad tells her when she's in the market for wheels. Share some other words of financial wisdom with us.  Pay attention to ATM fees! The average person wastes more than $150/year on those fees. If you can't find an in-network ATM, then go to Walgreen's or CVS, pick up something you need anyway and get cash back.

8) Every car her father has ever owned had a pro-union bumper sticker. Do you have any bumper stickers on your vehicle?  No car.

9) To celebrate Father's Day, Sam is giving away her father's favorite candy: LifeSavers. Would you prefer a roll of Wild Cherry, Butter Rum, Winter Green or Peppermint?   Mints, please.


  1. So right on ATM fees, when I travelled that was how I always got cash if my bank was not available.

  2. I can always find something I need at CVS or Walgreens, never thought about that! :) And I hate ATM fees. My biggest pet peeve? Paying for parking. Can't stand it.

  3. I have a potty mouth too. This morning I have been spouting it pretty much with every other word. Not having a good day.

  4. I didn't think of Walgreen's (we don't have a CVS nearby)! I do stop there a lot for random stuff.

    You absolutely *should* use the library more; you're paying for it! <--obligatory librarian comment


  5. Yep,mints for me too.

    Seems like ever time I go into CVS for one deal I come out with a full bag and a long receipt.

  6. I love Wintergreen lifesavers because if you crunch them in the dark (when they're dry) they make little green sparks!

  7. Anonymous10:14 PM

    hmm, i don't know what these atm fees are? i guess i rarely go to the atm. i tend to just charge everything which i know is not good.

  8. I don't use the ATM all that often but recently I just noticed how much the charge has gone up! Geez.

  9. It kills me to pay bank fees. I probably pay $3-4 a year for ATM withdrawals, tops. I just can't do it.

    I hope you're feeling better now!


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