Friday, June 13, 2014

"Leave no comrade behind"

As I was headed home on a late train Wednesday night, I couldn't help but notice the three guys in the car's vestibule. Late teens. Not talking, but clearly together. Two could not have been standing closer, the one in the rear had his arm around the neck of his friend. I just assumed they were lovers -- a little drunk to be this public in their affection, but what the hell.

Then the one in the front started retching. Oh, but he was drunk! And the other two were so protective of their boozed up buddy. Since one of the kids was wearing a camouflage hat, they reminded me of partytime comrades in arms.

They got off in my town and I kept an eye on this grave trio for a couple of blocks. I was confident they were OK. Wednesday night. My prediction about their condition Thursday morning is not as rosy.

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