Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunday Stealing

A Movie Meme

1. What is your all-time favorite "costume" movie or period piece?  Little Women.

2. What classic film would you nominate for a remake?  A Face in the Crowd. A radio talk show host becomes an overnight sensation, gets drunk with power, and is eventually exposed as the intolerant hypocrite he always was. Maybe it's time for Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh to make his movie debut?

3. Name your favorite femme fatale. Little Rhoda Penmark in The Bad Seed. This pig-tailed darling racked up quite a body count.

4. Name the best movie with the word "heaven" in its title.  Heaven Can Wait. So romantic!

5. Describe the worst performance by a child actor that you’ve ever seen.  Bonnie Blue Butler in Gone with the Wind. Gawd! That little girl was hideous!

6. Who gets your vote for most tragic movie monster?  Frankenstein

7. What is the one Western that you would recommend to anybody?  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The two coolest guys ever.

8. Who is your ideal movie-viewing partner?  My mom

9. Has a film ever made you want to change your life? If so, what was the film? The Way We Were. I first saw it when I was in high school. It influenced me to resist tamping down the truest part of myself, just to fit in.

10. Think of one performer that you truly love. Now think of one scene/movie/performance of theirs that is too uncomfortable for you to watch.  Judy Garland in Love Finds Andy Hardy. She plays Betsey, the fat girl who wins Andy's attention only because she's rich and can sing. She was only 15 when she made it, and according to legend it made her feel homely and unattractive in real life. I hate the way MGM tap danced on her psyche, just to get a good performance out of her.

11. On the flip side, think of one really good scene/performance/movie from a performer that you truly loathe.  I usually find Bob Hope unwatchable, but he's terrific in The Seven Little Foys.

12. What movie has the best soundtrack? A Hard Day's Night

13. Favorite actor with a mustache? (i.e: Charlie Chaplin, William Powell) Groucho, of course!

14. Shadowy film noir from the 1940's or splashy colorful musicals from the 1950's?  Noir

15. Favorite classic Disney? Mary Poppins


  1. I was thisclose to picking Mary Poppins, but I had to stick to my initial reaction, for that last question. You've made me want to see some movies I never thought to watch before!

  2. Good answers, though you've clearly watched lots of films I haven't (though reading your description of it, I'm glad I've never seen Love Finds Andy Hardy). Butch and Sundance is a great choice, an incredibly-entertaining movie. D'oh, I should have thought of Groucho.

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  4. Loved 7 Little Foys. First time I'd seen Hope as something other than the buffoon. Also never enjoyed seeing JG in those pudgy roles.

  5. I'm hearing about so many good movies reading everyone's answers. Everyone is picking Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid....and I'm over here wondering why I didn't even think of it. It is a great movie! Loved the clip from 7 Little Foys. I have to confess to being a fan of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in all their "On the Road" films.

  6. Oh I didn't even think of Mary Poppins! For some reason, I saw Disney and only thought of animated films.

  7. I can see I need to watch a few movies. :-)

  8. I suppose you spent many a Saturday morning watching Andy Hardy on channel 9 just as I did :)

  9. Ooh the Bad Seed, I remember that one! It was kind of similar to The Good Son, with Macaulay Culkin in it, that was made many years later. What happened to the little girl at the end of The Bad Seed? I can't remember... I do remember it was raining and she ran away from home or something, and maybe it was implied that she drowned?


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