Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Missing her today

His Royal Highness, the Prince of Cambridge, was born Monday. I am unashamedly excited about this, and have found my thoughts wandering back to the Princess who is no longer with us.

I wasn't a Royal Watcher before Diana, and wouldn't care about Prince William except that he was one of her boys.

Diana at 52. Diana as a grandmother. I can't imagine it.

While I admired her and felt tremendous compassion for her, I also realize she could be a hot mess who often acted without thinking. (Remember the Panorama interview with Martin Bashir? The authorized tell-all with Andrew Morton?) So I guess it's a good thing that she missed social media. I worry about her on Twitter. I mean, Diana instant and unfiltered would probably be a very bad idea: "London Zoo called and the baboon wants its butt back. #Camilla"

But TIME was right. She was a charmer. I still miss her, hope she's resting in peace, and know how proud she is today, looking down at her Wills, his Princess and their new baby.


  1. I loved Diana, and she is the reason I'm fascinated with the Royals. It all seemed like a fairy tale. And then reality bit. I felt like an aunt to Wills and Harry. I'm proud of the men they've become. I wish Charles would step out and let Wills be next.

    And your Diana tweet cracked me up.

  2. At least Charles was respectful in leaving out Camilla's name in his initial announcement.

    I am just getting back to my blog and other parts of my life that I enjoyed after leaving my job. I was checking on my blog links and realized that you have had a tumultuous year dealing with your mom's passing and the estate. I am sorry for your loss. Never easy and life does become different.


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