Saturday, May 04, 2013

They're still people, People!

I'm watching Cubs manager Da1e Sveum try to explain the inexplicable -- which is how, by giving up just one hit, the team blew a 4-2 lead and still lost 6-4. Dale looks so weary.

And why wouldn't he? Today was the first really nice Saturday of the season. It was Cubs Derby Hat Giveaway Day. There were more than 35,000 fans within the Friendly Confines. It began well and then, in the time it takes to walk four batters and hit another, a win turned into yet another loss.

I'm sad for everyone involved. Baseball is supposed to be fun, but it can't be fun for reliever Carlos Marmol to hear 35,000 of the most faithful fans in baseball boo. It can't be fun for Alfonso Soriano watch his best day at the plate so far this year go for naught. It can't be fun for Jeff Samardzija to pitch six solid innings and then end up not even being the pitcher of record. And it can't be fun in the clubhouse when Soriano and Samardzija come face-to-face with Marmol.

A lot is made of how Cub fans "suffer." I watched an exciting game today. I didn't "suffer." I think my heroes in Cubbie Blue are the ones suffering. That's why I never boo. (Well, not since the Cubs unloaded Zambrano.)

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