Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend: Part One

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 began Friday at 3:00. Here's the update, so far:

The Good: It seems I may have been wasting my dread -- at least as directed to my professional performance. I was worried that Thursday's client meeting hadn't gone well. I thought The Chocolate Covered Spider was displeased with me because I was perhaps too animated, too eager. But on Friday she told me she thought it went well. So there you go.

Will, the moderator of the MeetUp I attended, turned me onto TCMParty -- a Twitterverse of Turner Classic Movie fans who watch the movies together and Tweet. I gave it a shot with Inside Daisy Clover, an old Natalie Wood/Robert Redford movie I know well, and found myself chatting with, among other people, actress Illeana Douglas. It was addictively satisfying. She agreed with my idea that comparing and contrasting the careers of Warren Beatty and Robert Redford would be an interesting programming idea for TCM. She has a relationship with the network, so, well, "you're welcome."

I got a terrific pedicure. It's not the color that makes it so great -- it's the same Revlon Optimistic I used on vacation last month. It's that I beat up the nail on my right big toe and she evened them out.  So I'm happy.

I have watched a lot of baseball. I still don't know this Cub team as well as I'd like to yet. They're not winners but the games are interesting -- we're in them at least until the 5th and there are no blow outs. I'm always happier when I watch baseball.

The Bad. I have no energy. I'm doing a lot of napping. I think it might be the stress of waiting for the biopsies on my moles and concern over my best friend. Also, my client is kicking off their Big Automation Project next week and I worry that it will inevitably lead to layoffs -- including mine. I had a dream that I was homeless.

Thinking of money ... More time is being billed by my lawyer regarding my mom's house. I hope this will all be over soon! We were so close to break-even with her estate. Now I fear we're going to fall back into the red (and by "we," I mean "me;" I accept that neither of my sisters is going to kick in).

The Ugly. Reynaldo still has litterbox issues. If, when this special, expensive prescription cat food is gone, he's still not using the box, we've got to go back to the vet. I'm sorry he's hurting and I'm trying to fix it. But I fear that this is going to be time consuming and costly. These have been a tough two months for me and Rey.


  1. Poor Rey. But yay for an awesome pedicure! That makes everything better.

  2. Good news about the "Good." But I have to say, your nickname for your coworker is simply The Best EVER! :D

    Bad: hopefully, this will all turn out for the best and you have nothing but good news all around. You'll be in my thoughts.

    Poor kitty....


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