Monday, August 13, 2012


This week's challenge: Using between 33 and 333 words, compose something that includes the third definition of the following word:

HOME (noun)

It’s a sunny Saturday and I’m thrilled because I’m doing what has brightened my summers ever since I was a little girl: going to a baseball game at Wrigley Field. As I enter through the turnstyle, I go from sunlight to a cool, humid, gray darkness. It smells like beer and hot dogs and salt and … history. I mean, it smells old in there. After all, it’s been the home of the Chicago Cubs for 96 seasons now. I locate the entrance to the section where my seat is. I walk up the plain cement steps and suddenly I see it.

The field itself, bathed in sunshine and blanketed in green. The grounds are green turf, the red brick walls are covered with ivy, the scoreboard is painted a flat, deep forest color.  The seats are painted same green and filled with Cub fans just like me. Oh, they may not look like me – after all, an almost dizzying array of demographics is represented – but we’re all there for the same reason: we’re here to cheer our guys and we’re hoping for a win.

As I take it all in my heart swells because I know I’m home.


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I love the way you described the smells of the park. Even though I'm not a fan of spectator sports, I felt like I was there and I was happy.

  2. I was right there with you. Great description.

  3. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Your descriptions were so vivid I could imagine myself there. I know a few people who would be at home watching a game :)

  4. very good place to feel at home

  5. Nice take on the prompt. I went to a game at Wrigley field once and I can relate to your feelings.

  6. Anonymous11:07 AM

    the conversational tone to it was perfect to make the reader feel like they were home too.

  7. Anonymous11:25 AM

    That took me back to my childhood. Unfortunately the stadium I grew up going to is no more...

  8. Thanks for linking up with Trifecta this week. I love the sentiment behind this post. It feels very American. I know a lot of people who feel perfectly at home there, too.

  9. Sigh. Sorry. That should've posted as Trifecta, not Seeking Elevation.


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