Monday, August 13, 2012

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 12

Sunday's Happiness: Self sufficiency. Sunday morning we woke up at the hotel by the airport where The Fest for Beatle Fans was held. Because of the time of my friend's flight (3:00), we were going to forgo any Beatle activities (even though we had tickets for Sunday) and just eat a leisurely brunch, check out and head home.
As were just sitting around gabbing, her cell rang. I went into the bathroom to give her privacy and, well, out of necessity. All of a sudden she calls out to me, "Gal! My flight's cancelled!" There was  genuine panic in her voice. I asked her why it was cancelled (was it weather related?), and she couldn't answer. She said she just quit listening and hit "save." 

She handed me her phone and I listened to the message, wrote down all the new Monday flight information and the airline's number and told her to call them and confirm. After all, she had just been telling me that it was too bad she had to go home, that she had taken Monday off anyway. And we had tickets for Sunday's Fest anyway. So while she was confirming the flight, I was calling the hotel to get our room for another night. They turned me down because they had a massive cosmetics convention coming in Sunday afternoon, but that's OK. O'Hare is either the first or second busiest airports in the world. There are no shortage of hotels on that strip. We found another one quite easily.

We checked out, boarded a free airport shuttle that counted our new hotel as one of its stops, checked in, and boarded the shuttle back for more Beatledom. 

I felt a little bad about it because I was missing my alone time, hadn't left enough food out for the cats, and really couldn't afford to spend this much money. But this long weekend in Chicago is her vacation for the whole year, she could afford it, and oh, what the hell! It was very good to see her and we had an extra day of fun.


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