Monday, August 13, 2012

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 11

Saturday's Happiness: Good Ol' Freda. When I was a little girl, I read in magazines like 16 that, if I wanted to write to The Beatles, I should address my letter to Freda Kelly. I thought she was a made-up person. I mean, I was a first grader in Chicagoland. It never occurred to me that any real parents would name their child Freda. So I figured letters meant for Good Ol' Freda were dismissed as fan mail from those NOT in the know.

Well, on Saturday, I saw Freda! She's real! And today she's an English grandmother (about 65) who wants to make sure her kids and grandchildren know that, for 9 years, she worked for the Beatles, answering their mail from their days at the Cavern Club through the height of their fame through their breakup. George's father taught her ballroom dancing. Ringo's mother invited her for Christmas. She went to a McCartney concert in 1991, having purchased her own ticket, and was spotted by Linda who invited her backstage for a reunion with Paul. What a charming lady.


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