Saturday, July 21, 2012

Still an ass

I'm back to monitoring Archie Bunker, the "gentleman" my oldest friend met through an online dating service, because he appeared on her FB timeline earlier this month. I hope she's no longer twitterpated by this jerk, because he has cancelled on her and flaunted his interest in other women online, knowing she can see it. But since his treatment of her has been so humiliating, I can't bring myself to ask her about it for fear it embarrasses her.

Anyway ... he posted on his blog last night. About the Colorado shooting. And about how bad "Volvo, PT Cruiser, BMW, Mercedes and VW drivers" are. Same post, same amount of space. Because in his world, someone trying to squeeze into his lane is just as bad as innocent lives lost in a movie theater massacre.

Please, God, let her be over him!

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