Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday 9

1. Has something ever made you "see the light?" The two books by Elizabeth Edwards have had a great impact on me. It was in her second, Resilience, that I really paid attention to these lyrics by Leonard Cohen. They express a sentiment that's important to remember: "Ring the bells that still can ring/forget your perfect offering/there's a crack in everything/ that's how the light gets in."

2. Do you believe you have any control over your luck? Emotionally, yes I believe it, even though intellectually I know I don't.

3. What is something you have had difficulty rising above? First as a young girl and then as a woman I was physically damaged by men I should have been able to trust. Dealing with the aftermath is ongoing, but I continue working on it.

4. Would you want to be rich? Yes! Yes, yes, yes. Which reminds me I must buy that lottery ticket today.

5. Tell us about a current or old song that helps you "face the world." "Payphone." I always like Adam Levine's voice, and every time I hear it I try to remember the last time I saw a payphone. I don't know what that rap segment adds though, except maybe wider demographic appeal. (Cha-ching)

6. Has any dream of yours come true? Hell to the yes. I saw Sir Paul within the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. And I Love Him.

7. What would you change if you became "the king or queen" of your country? I'd make sure that everyone gets it -- Your Second Amendment Right was never intended to allow you to buy six fucking guns within two months! God, what's wrong with people?

8. How do you feel about LGBT rights? (If you need to look up LGBT, then you probably need to learn more.)  I find it depressing that some people are more interested in protecting their "right" to legally stockpile assault weapons while denying others the right to love.

9. Have you ever been disappointed in yourself? Regularly!


  1. "There are exactly ZERO good reasons why Americans should be able to purchase an assault weapon with ease but not mental health coverage."

    best quote I've seen in a long time.

    I'm with you on a lot of your answers. Happy Saturday. :)

  2. Leonard Cohen has the most amazing lyrics.

  3. Great answers I agree. #6 WOW! What a dream come true.

  4. #8- hello???

    My daughter has actually been to that theater (saw Harry Potter) and she has a friend that was suppose to be at that showing but, his girlfriend didn't feel good so they stayed home instead.
    There is way toooooo much lobby/$$ power out there.


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