Sunday, April 29, 2012

Borrowed from the Girl with the White Parasol

She borrowed it from him. If you choose to play, please let me know, and credit those two dedicated movie bloggers.

1) Favorite movie featuring nuns. The Trouble with Angels. It made being a nun look so safe and secure. As a pre-adolescent confused by the future and intimidated by growing up, I thought it was terrific. (Except for the "no guys" thing.)

2) Second favorite John Frankenheimer movie
Birdman of Alcatraz

3) William Bendix or Scott Brady?

4) What movie, real or imagined, would you stand in line six hours to see? Have you ever done so in real life?
Without a doubt, Jerry Lewis as Helmut Doork in The Day the Clown Died. First of all, how bad, how utterly tasteless could it be? I'm eager to find out. Secondly, I'd like confirmation of its very existence. After all, we've been hearing rumors about it for decades.

5) Favorite Mitchell Leisen movie
Remember the Night. A holiday movie starring Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck. I think we all agree they aren't the most wholesome couple ever, and yet it's rather sweet.

6) Ann Savage or Peggy Cummins?
Sorry, not familiar enough to answer.

7) First movie you remember seeing as a child.
Mary Poppins. The heavy red curtains opened to reveal the rooftops of London. Thrilling!
8) What moment in a movie that is not a horror movie made you want to bolt from the theater screaming?
Harvey Keitel naked in The Piano.

9) Richard Widmark or Robert Mitchum?
Widmark. Because Lucy scaled his fence when the Riccardos were in Hollywood.

10) Best movie Jesus
Ted Neeley

11) Silliest straight horror film that you’re still fond of
Shewolf of London. C'mon! Lassie's mom and Gidget's dad and a lot of fur in jolly-old! You have to love it!

12) Emily Blunt or Sally Gray?
Emily Blunt

13) Favorite cinematic Biblical spectacular
Sorry, don't like 'em

14) Favorite cinematic moment of unintentional humor.
"Boobies, boobies, boobies! Nothing but boobies! Who needs 'em? I did great without 'em!" The sublime Neely O'Hara from the incomparable Valley of the Dolls.

15) Michael Fassbender or David Farrar?
Sorry, I got nothin'

16) Most effective faith-affirming movie.
It's a Wonderful Life. Yeah, I know. It's corny. But I love it, and I love my friends and believe they make me richer.

17) Movie that makes the best case for agnosticism

18) Favorite song and/or dance sequence from a musical.
Get Happy from Summer Stock.

19) Third favorite Howard Hawks movie
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

20) Clara Bow or Jean Harlow?

21) Movie most recently seen in the theater? On DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming?
Theater: Titanic in 3D. DVD: The Godfather

22) Most unlikely good movie about religion
Two Mules for Sister Sara (it so is!)

23) Phil Silvers or Red Skelton? Red Skelton

24) “Favorite” Hollywood scandal
Le Scandale on the set of Cleopatra

25) Best religious movie (non-Christian)
Sorry, I got nothin'

26) The King of Cinema: King Vidor, King Hu or Henry King? (Thanks, Peter)

27) Name something modern movies need to relearn how to do that American or foreign classics had down pat 
Small movies about real people. Like Holiday Affair. Too much emphasis on special effects and super heroes.

28) Least favorite Federico Fellini movie
Spirits of the Dead

29) The Three Stooges (2012)—yes or no?

30) Mary Wickes or Patsy Kelly?
Mary Wickes

31) Best movie-related conspiracy theory
JFK. Flawed theory but great filmmaking.

32) Your candidate for most misunderstood or misinterpreted movie
Thinking of Oliver Stone: Scarface. You're idolozing a drug-addled loser who died in the end, people!

33) Movie that made you question your own belief system (religious or otherwise)
Bonnie and Clyde introduced me to the idea of moral relativity. ("We don't want your money. Just the bank's.")

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  1. What an interesting meme! There's no way I could answer most of the questions.


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