Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Want Wednesday

I want to be looking back on this. Last night, when I went to sleep -- or, more accurately, was unable to sleep and watched a documentary on The Last Days of Elvis -- I was worried sick about my mother. I had made peace with canceling my vacation, but was sad because doing so felt like I was giving up on her, like I didn't have faith that she would pull through. I even called my friend from Key West, who graciously and kindly promised he would fly up and hold my hand through her funeral.

After all, my kid sister just told me last night there were "surgeons at the ready," and my mom is an old lady.

Well, this afternoon I called to check on my mother and she sounds so much better! She was very upset that I canceled my trip in preparation for her surgery because, well, there have been "surgeons at the ready" since she was admitted last Friday and every day that goes by makes surgery less likely, not more.

So now I am relieved, tired, and a little weepy. I want my mother home ... and if not home, then at least out of ICU. I want us to look back on how silly it was that I canceled my vacation for nothing. I want all this to just be a memory.


  1. natural feelings. praying for her to get better soon and for her to be home and you be planning that vacation again soon.

  2. I want all that for you, too.

  3. I want what you want.

  4. It's awful to have someone in ICU. Things will work out for the best.


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